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Suubee is not an investment advisory service, all investors should consult a licensed professional before making any investment decisions. By accessing the Suubee “Trade Data Service”(TDS) by either buying tokens or requesting a periodic subscription, you agree to relinquish any recourse to claim damages resulting from the information received through the TDS.  The TDS information has been obtained from sources which we believe are reliable however we make no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of such information.

Please be aware, it is possible that Suubee traders have a position in or have previously bought or sold shares in the companies for which TDS and PIS information is presented. At times stocks discussed and posted on Suubee Premium (not limited too but including trade desk and chat rooms), Suubee PIS and any other associated Suubee platforms may be already owned by any, or all of the Suubee traders and their related entities. The information provided by, Trader communications, any related sites, webinars, emails or newsletters is intended for your sole consumption and use and is not be distributed to or shared with any 3rd party. In the event you distribute Suubee material without our consent, we reserve the right to terminate your access to Suubee and you will forfeit the value of any remaining access. All data is for your personal use only; it may not be posted on web sites, message boards, communicated verbally, or be used in products or services. All material in the Suubee website and its related websites and pages are protected under copyright laws of the Australia.

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PIS and TDS provide information and market content for our paid subscribers, sharing it reduces the value of the information. Access to our traders’ open positions in real time allows you to learn alongside traders with a performance history and to engage with them as they are managing their positions.

The information provided by Suubee and all related Suubee products is provided without regard to your investment goals, financial circumstances, investment knowledge, or personal attitudes towards risk, investing or trading abilities. Investors can and do lose money from trading.  Investments fail. You agree to hold Suubee Pty Ltd and all the Suubee Traders completely harmless as a result of reading any material published on this Web site or provided by Suubee.

The Information provided by Suubee is not to be relied upon for any of your investment decisions. Your decisions to buy, sell or hold any securities is as a result your own free will and your own research and in no way attributed to information accessed through Suubee.