Suubee leaders
list performance
This graph illustrates the out performance of our Suubee leaders list compared to the ASX all ordinaries.
  • Each stock on Suubee leaders list is assigned an equally weighted portion of a portfolio
  • No brokerage/slippage costs
  • Portfolio reweighing at end of each trading day if stocks are added/removed

Suubee equity curve

The following graph outlines the performance of our Suubee traders from September 2017 to March 2019.


  • Assumes a starting portfolio value of $100,000.
  • All trades were taken at the buy & sell points published on by all traders.
  • All trades were taken with a constant $10,000 position size.
  • Total portfolio exposure may have exceeded 100% at any point (More than 10 positions open).
  • Brokerage commissions were calculated at a flat $8 per trade.
  • All open position as at 6th March were “Closed” for the purpose of this graph.

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